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Sep 7, 2006

Ann Tancio


Yes… on a computer screen the SUMO looks just like another bean bag chair doesn’t it? At least that’s what I thought the first time i laid my eyes on it. Just another bean bag chair. But I thought “why not” I’ll give it a shot.

Seriously guys, I get a lot of companies that send me a lot of stuff asking me to put up a post about it… but everything usually sucks ass… so i don’t put up anything and return whatever it is they sent to me. But the SUMO… this I will never give up!

The best thing about the SUMO is that not only is it comfortable as hell… but you can “configure” it almost anyway you want. Want a sit up straight chair? Ok… no prob. Want a bed? No prob. Want a lounger? Ok. I just sit this thing however i want it… and then PLOP myself into it. It instantly conforms to my body and lets me sink in. Amazing!

It’s already become my DVD viewing chair of choice. I usually just push my coffee table out of the way and stretch out. Heaven.

So yes… by all means check out the SUMO. It gets the Campea thumbs up. Did they pay me to say all this stuff? Well sorta… they sent me a SUMO for myself. But to keep this thing I’ll say my own mom is in Al-Qeada. It’s that good.

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