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Mar 6, 2012

Ann Tancio

In my never-ending search to turn my house into as much of a lounging zone as I can manage, the addition of products from Sumo Lounge has been a boon to my end goal. I’ve been a fan of the products for ages, but it wasn’t until I reviewed the Gigantor from the company that I was truly sold. This time around, I have the newest version of the company’s single-seat chair called the Sway 2.0 and I have to say, I’m loving it.

The Sway 2.0 takes the original Sway and simply makes it better. It is, as I said, a one-butt chair but it’s plenty wide enough to curl up in comfortably. Unlike the Gigantor, which is a bit more free-form in its shape, the Sway 2.0 is stitched with a dedicated seating area and an elevated portion to act as a backrest. On the side of the Sway 2.0 you’ll find a pocket that’s just big enough to stash a remote control or two, and so it fits in well with your living room or media room. For me, it’s my Xbox chair of choice.

The other addition to the 2.0 version of the Sway is a built-in pillow. On the Gigantor, I often found that I’d need a pillow behind my head in order to sit up comfortably for TV viewing or gaming. The Sway totally solves that issue, and it’s infinitely more portable, since it’s about 1/3rd of the size of the Gigantor (which truly lives up to its name).

What’s interesting to me about the Sway is that Sumo decided to fill it with polyester fiber, rather than the foam that the company uses in the Gigantor and other bags. What you end up with is a considerably more firm seating surface that actually holds its shape rather well, and it feels like it can put up with ages of wear.

My wife, kids and I all use the Gigantor so much that it’s time for us to invest a few bucks into some of Sumo’s replacement “beads” to give it a puff-up once again. With the Sway, that doesn’t feel like it will ever be a concern and I have to admit that I like that idea even if it leads to a considerably firmer seating surface.

In short, Sumo Lounge has managed to create what might just be the very best gaming and media chair on the planet. Big, comfortable and portable, it’s been a welcome addition to my house and has once again sold me on the fact that Sumo is making the best stuff in the business.

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