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Nov 14, 2008

Ann Tancio


Sumo Lounge Omni – The MOTHER of all bean bags!

The Sumo Omni is Sumo Lounge International’s starter level bean bag furniture. To say that the Omni is a large bean bag would be an understatement. At 5-1/2 by 4-1/2 feet the Sumo Omni dwarfs most bean bags even though it’s the smallest of the Sumo Urban Lounge Gear.

Each Omni is made from heavy-duty, rip-proof nylon that is surprisingly puncture-resistant. We repeatedly jumped on, dropped upon and stabbed the Omni with not so much as an indentation in the material. Sealed behind an exceptionally sticky velcro strip and an inner zipper are tens of thousands of foam beads. These “Sumo Beads”, while they might look like ordinary bits of styrofoam are actually a higher quality foam that resists crushing and clumping, key to making the bean bag feel more like a fluid-filled chair, and less like a styrofoam block.

Because the Sumo Lounge Gear is designed to NOT just be an exceptionally comfortable piece of furniture, but also something that can complement your uberGeek style, the Omni is availible in 10 different colors including Pitch Black, Charcoal Green, Platinum, Midnight Blue, Fiery Red, Neon Orange, Hot Pink, Pure White, Lime Green and Funky Brown.

The array of colors compliments THE main feature of the Sumo Omni: that it’s NOT just a beanbag: its size, the nylon covering and the Sumo Beads make it a multi-purpose piece of furniture.

Sumo Lounge claims 10 positions are possible with the Omni, but the number of positions are really only limited by your imagination and your surroundings. In testing the Omni we used a variety of positions including the Dutch Wife, the Full Stomach, the Diamond, the Maxi Pad, the Greek Tragedy, the Clamshell, The Maxi Pad with Wings, the Idiot, the Side Sleeper, the Horseback, the Couch Potato, the Memorex. (Good for wine and cheese), the Old Man with Two Duffel Bags, the Drive In, The Duplex, the Sandwich, the Grouch, and my personal favorite, the Tea Bag.

We tested the Sumo Omni for the better part of two months and found it to be an exceptionally comfortable and durable piece of furniture. The nylon retains its color quite well, is stain resistant, and easy to clean with a damp cloth.

We found the Omni was ideal for taking naps, writing, watching TV, reading, and just lounging. It’s perfect for dorm rooms, play rooms, office corners and anyplace where you need a couch, bed, footrest or multipurpose chair. More than that, unlike other bean bags, our experience with the Omni makes us think that it’s going to last.

The Sumo Omni in available now from the Sumo Lounge website for $149 with free shipping to the continental US.

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