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Dec 16, 2005

Ann Tancio


Bean Bag It
Written by Tipster Dena

The photo of you lounging on your parents’ 70’s-style beanbag as a kid is adorable. But beanbags are not for stylish, metropolitan dwellings such as yours.

Think again. Sumo Beanbags are swanky and comfy-a winning combo for sure. They make great chairs, floor pillows and spare beds. You might have noticed them in the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art or on the set of MTV shows. They’ve also been spotted at the Sundance and Los Angeles Film Festivals and other Hollywood hangouts.

What makes them so comfortable? Sumo beads, of course. The tiny foam balls are made to maintain their bounce for a long time, but for a “less squishy experience” you can add extra beads. They’re exceptionally lightweight and durable. Available in a palette of hip colors like platinum, hot pink, fiery red, and the ever-popular pure white and pitch black, Sumo fits with many decors.

Check them out at:

Just don’t be surprised to find your friend crashed on it the morning after your cocktail party.

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