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Oct 27, 2007

Ann Tancio


Miss the good old days of the beanbag chair?

Introducing the Sumo Omni Chair


Miss your old bean bag chair? Think you’re too old for one now? Think again!! Sumo Omni is a new bean bag chair that’s perfect for kids and grown ups alike.


When I first got the Sumo Omni in the mail I was a bit skeptical. But once I opened the package, the first thing that impressed me was it’s size! This chair is big enough to sleep on, and for 2 adults to cuddle up on. And my 20 month old son looked like a comfy little toy curled up on it. The second thing that impressed me was the material. The fabric is a rip-proof nylon, so it repells liquid- which is ideal if you have children around. It feels similar to a tent or camping material. It appears to be very durable and very well made. Given the choice of many different colors, I opted for the Platinum (silver/grey) and was very pleased with the choice.


So what makes the Omni different than your old school bean bag chairs? First off it’s square shape is a much more practial and comfortable shape to fit your entire body. Secondly, being made with foam beads, it’s a lot more firm, which allows the shape to stay where you want it without you rolling off the chair.

All in all I think this chair is perfect for a college student, or someone who prefers a more modern decor in their home. I also think this chair is going to be a big hit with my son and will go perfectly in his play room when he gets older.

If you are interested in checking it out visit

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