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Jan 10, 2009

Ann Tancio


Product: Sumo Chief Rocker Bean Bag Chair


I’m sure by now many of you are familiar with Sumo, we have reviewed their SumoSac Sultan and Omni bean bag chairs. They have released yet another cool bean bag chair called the Chief Rocker. The Chief Rocker is a lot like the Omni Plus, which is a hybrid of the SumoSac and Omni. The thing that sets the Chief Rocker apart is that it has a metal frame that sits it on an angle for great gaming or lounging around. Let’s take the Chief Rocker for a spin and see if it lives up to the hype.


Dimensions: 54 x 45 x 35
Colors: Pitch Black, Fiery Red, Funky Brown
Price: $199
Packaging & Assembly

The Chief Rocker comes in quite a large box. Everything was packing inside so tightly that I basically had to rip the box to shreds to get everything out. Inside I found the Chief Rocker (compressed) and a box that has the metal frame inside.

ThinkComputers_08_1 ThinkComputers_08_2

The metal frame comes disassembled. There are 6 pieces, 4 allen bolts, an allen key, and directions.

ThinkComputers_08_3 ThinkComputers_08_4

The pieces of the frame are labeled so you can easily follow the directions and assemble the frame with ease. Take the 2 large “C” pieces and connect “A” to the top and “B” to the bottom, they will snap in and lock. Then take the last 2 pieces and screw them into the frame with the allen bolts.

ThinkComputers_08_5 ThinkComputers_08_6 ThinkComputers_08_7 ThinkComputers_08_8

Once you have the frame assembled you are going to want to find the Velcro opening on the back of the Chief Rocker. You are then going to put them frame into the pocket on the back of the Chief Rocker. It is a bit tedious doing it yourself, but I was able to get it completely in the pocket. Once you have it completely in there you can close the pocket back up.

ThinkComputers_08_9 ThinkComputers_08_10


The Chief Rocker comes in 3 different colors: Pitch Black, Fiery Red, and Funky Brown, we received the Funky Brown version. Since the frame is installed it sits the Chief Rocker up just like a chair. This gives it a lot of versatility since you can now use it for more than just laying around on. It is covered in a microsuede cover that is very comfortable, much more so then the cover on the original Omni.

ThinkComputers_08_11 ThinkComputers_08_12

I setup the Chief Rocker in my living room, where I play a lot of Xbox and watch TV and movies. It was very comfortable to relax on and provided good back support when playing Xbox. Because of the frame you can rock back and forth while sitting in the rocker.

ThinkComputers_08_13 ThinkComputers_08_14 ThinkComputers_08_15 ThinkComputers_08_16

Final Thoughts

I was a bit skeptical when I heard about the Sumo Chief Rocker, mainly because I thought that the frame would make it very uncomfortable, but I was wrong as it is very comfortable and the frame gives you good back support when you are sitting upright in the chair. Because it is not overly large like the SumoSac Sultan it is perfect for a gaming room or dorm room.

Other similar products sell for upwards of $400, but you can get the Chief Rocker from Sumo for only $199 with free shipping, you really can’t beat that! Overall ThinkComputers give the Sumo Chief Rocker Bean Bag Chair a 10 out of 10 score!

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