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Nov 18, 2006

Ann Tancio


Sumo Omni & Otto Bean Bag Chairs


I’m sure all of you remember bean bag chairs, or maybe still have one today. Well a company called Sumo was nice enough to send us 2 of their specialized bean bag chairs. After first seeing them I thought, “Oh just another bean bag chair”, but after using them I realized they take bean bag chairs to the next level. The Sumo bean bag chairs are a great addition to anyone’s game room, living room, or bedroom so let’s check them out!

Omni Specs

Dimensions: 4.5′ x 5.5′
Weight: 18lbs
Colors: Pitch black, charcoal green, platinum, midnight blue, fiery red, tangerine, pure white, hot pink.
Price: $129-$149

Otto Specs

Dimensions: 50cm radius
Weight: 5lbs
Colors: black, charcoal green, platinum, midnight blue, fiery red, tangerine, pure white, hot pink.
Price: $75

The Sumo Omni comes in a HUGE box. When I got it I was like, “Damn this thing is bigger than I thought!.” Getting it unpacked it is covered with plastic to protect it from any harm during shipping. The Otto is packed the same way, except in a small box.



Omni & Otto Overview

When I first took the Omni and Otto out of their packaging I noticed they were not made out of the softer material that we are used to seeing bean bag chairs made out of. They are made of rip-proof nylon. This is great because it’s never going to rip and if you spill something on it, it will be easy to clean up. The Omni is very large and no matter where you want to put it, it will take up space. Weighing in at only 18lbs it is easy to move around, except for the fact that it is so large.

The smaller Otto is an ottoman if you have not guessed. It is made of the same material as the Omni. It has a circular design and is great for sitting on or putting your feet up on. Both our Omni and Otto are the Midnight Blue color, but you can get either in 7 other colors besides the midnight blue.



Inside of the bags are millions of tiny foam balls. These are called virgin polystyrene. These foam balls are not the typical type of balls that you would see in other bean bags. You can access these balls through a Velcro and zipper opening on the side of the bean bag.



Using the Omni is just great. There are enough small balls inside that when you sit down in it, it conforms to your body, but remains still enough to support your back. Also when you get up the Omni will keep its shape so when you sit back down you have the same comfortable chair that you left. You wouldn’t think that Nylon would be that comfortable, but actually it is. The nylon is smooth and does not irritate your skin.


Some may think a bean bag is just a bean bag. Well you can say that until you have checked out a Sumo Omni. It is so much more than just a bean bag, you can put it in any room in your house and it will be useful. The nylon helps protect the Omni and Otto so they will last a long time. Some may think $129-$149 for a bean bag is expensive but for all the use you will get out of the Omni it is really worth it. This product may not be popular with parents who want a couch or lazy-boy, but it is perfect for the college dorm room or game room. I would recommend the Omni and Otto to anyone looking for a cool looking comfortable piece of furniture. Overall ThinkComputers give the Sumo Omni and Otto bean bag chair a 10 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

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