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Jul 2, 2007

Ann Tancio


Sumo Bean Bag Chairs


1st recommended by bianca

got it for christmas and love it. its super comfortable, it stays warm, it molds to your body and its perfect for reading, sleeping or playing video games. (via Sumo Lounge)

Recommended by GadgetGuy

The Sumo Lounge chair is, thankfully, not a giant Japanese man with loads of extra poundage running at you in order to slam you into submission. However, once you rest your buns on one of these things, you’ll feel like you’ve been knocked out and won’t want to get back up.

These things are perfect for sitting, laying down, cuddling, sleeping, playing video games, watching tv, reading, listening to music, or otherwise just vegging out. You can squash ’em and shape ’em into a lot of different positions, and if you get the little Otto to go with it, you’ll have somewhere to perch your sore soles as well.

The Sumo Lounge comes in a ton of colors, is stain-resistant, and is on sale! Woot!

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