Nov 30, 2006

Ann Tancio


Sumo Omni Review.

I sit here writing this review in my new favourite chair, its perfect, it more than a chair, I would recommend it for any lounging environment!

There were so many things I wondered about the chair, was it as big in real life as in the pictures? Did they use midgets in the photos? I can tell you the answer is no, these things are big, I am nearly 6 foot and found it more than accommodating. By far and away the best feature about the chair for me is its durability, the material is designed so that any marks can easily be wiped away, spilt beers is a common occurrence on Friday after a hard days work making games and I can see these chairs will stand the test of time!

The second and probably most important thing about the Sumo Omni Chair is the comfortable positions you can mould the bag into, whether you’re laying out flat on it, or have it squashed into an upright chair, you can always tweak it into a really comfy position that will have all your friends looking on in envy! Seriously I have to time my toilet breaks from the chair so that it isn’t stolen!

I have given the chair its most hearty of tests, programming straight for 16 hours on my latest game. Any aches and pains? Nope! Although my fingers and eyes hurt I can safely say my bum didn’t!!

The chair seems perfect for indoor and outdoor use, we especially like ours for barbeques, which I have to say is a must, the beads seem to work as an insulation keeping your bum warm while you face the fire! Here in the UK it gets cold so this is definitely a bonus!

Since testing the chair we have ordered 8 more so that everyone in the office can be in comfort. It has revolutionised game meetings and more importantly our chilling time!

Thanks Sumo!

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