Too Many Games

Jun 4, 2015

Ann Tancio

It’s that time of year!  Too Many Games, the event for anyone that is interested in video games, board games, CCG’s, and tabletop gaming, is happening from June 26th-28th 2015.  The event will have amazing video game and comic book reviewers, voice actors and internet celebrities such as James Rolfe (the AVGN),  Linkara, Pat Contri, Team Four Star, Tom Fulp, 8-bit Eric, Chris “Oney” O’neill, and many more!   jamesrolfe-212x212 pat-212x212 team-four-star     This event will be jam packed with several gaming tournaments, board games, CCG (collectible card games such as magic the gathering),  panels, Indie game showcases, RPG’s (role playing games), marketplaces, and after parties.  It will even feature concerts with the musical stylings of Descendents of Eric, Those Who Fight, The Living Tombstone, The World is Square, and many more!   theworldissquare-212x211 those_who_fight-212x212     We at Sumo would love to be a part of such an amazing event with such funny and entertaining video gaming celebs, so we have gone ahead and sponsored the event and provided 8 Sumo Sultan bean bag chairs for all of the Too Many Games fans to take a load off after a long day of tournaments, shopping, card games, and general geeking out.   Don’t forget to try them out when you are there, they will be the big comfy bean bags that everyone will be fighting over.  

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