Totally Crap

Jul 21, 2006

Ann Tancio


I never really understood the use of a big bean bag. Until I got an Omni chair. Once you get comfortable in it, you just don’t want to get out of it. It simply sits so much better than a normal couch or chair. The Omni, is very big (12 cubic feet of beans go in it) and that makes it perfect for long periods of lounging, TV watching or sleeping. The material is very comfortable and wipes clean, so it is also perfect for those precious moments you have alone with your dirty mag or TC NSFW pics and vids. It is funny that TheDeviant and I had the same experience with the Omni regarding our birds. They both asked why we would need one and once it arrived they stuck their arses in it and have claimed it as theirs. So, getting an Omni will also score your points with the ladies. Just make sure it is the lady you want to score points with as she might never leave. Being a bean bag virgin no longer I can highly recommend one for anyone. Whether you skin up in it, update your crappy site in it, read your kind of literature in it or simply use it as your one and only means to sit down in, the Omni will not disappoint you.

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