Nov 19, 2010

Ann Tancio



November is the official TQ holiday shopping month. Initially, black Friday which is the day after Thanksgiving was the day to do all the shopping for the family and a little something for yourself. Now a day, thanks to the internet, retailers such as; Newegg, Amazon, Walmart and many more, are promoting some early black Friday deals that are hard to pass up. What we have decided to do here on TQ, is share with you some of the hottest, most wanted, cheapest, gaming, tech and any other hot gift ideas that we think you or the TQfam in your life will love. In other words, TQfam, get your pencils ready to note these ideas for your TQ Man or Woman. This week we start off with PS3 Gaming suggestions. PS3 gamers may be the most difficult gamers to shop for, since they seem to have it all. Our list has some items, that they might never see coming, but they will definitely get good use out of them.

Sumo Gamer $199.99


Video games and video game accessories are all great, but one may be forgetting the most important thing about video gaming –”Comfort-ability”. It is always nice to have a comfortable place to game and rest your buns on, especially when pulling a Call of Duty marathon. While a nice recliner or your mom’s leather couch is nice, being able to move your comfortable seat anywhere around the house is even better. The Sumo Gamer chair offers just that; comfort-ability, ease and quality. This gift is guaranteed to make the gamer in your life much happier. You can pick up a Sumo Gamer Chair from

NYKO Raven PS3 Controller $34.99


I’ll be honest, I am a PS3 fanboy at heart but there is something that most of us PS3 fanboys envy from the XBOX 360, its controller.The NYKO Raven controller for the PS3 places the analog sticks in a position that emulates the look and feel of the XBOX 360 controller. The Raven wirelessly communicates to the Playstation 3 through a USB dongle, providing 25 feet of wireless gaming freedom. The built in Lithium-Ion battery delivers 25 hours of wireless gaming on a single charge. The Soft Feel Surface that covers the body of the Raven gives a silky yet comfortable grip that feels secure in your hands.

PS3 Bluetooth Headset Redesign $49.99


In 2008 Sony released its PS3 Bluetooth Gaming Headset. The headset brought some incredible new features that hadn’t been seen in previous gaming headsets. This year Sony is at it again with an all new re-design of their PS3 Bluetooth Headset. The new headset still retains all of the existing features, (HQ sound, automatic-pairing, etc), and it adds a few new features. The first thing you notice when you look at the headset is its new design. At 30% smaller this headset is light and comfortable, and wont hurt when using it for extended periods of time. In addition, the Bluetooth Headset now has built-in noise cancellation for filtering out ambient noise when used with the PS3 system as well as your mobile phone.

Logitech G27/G25 Racing Wheel $294.99 – $500


For those with with a bigger holiday budget, you might want to bring in this Holiday season’s biggest video game title “GranTurismo 5″ with a little extra for your gamer. Sure, Gran Tursimo 5 will be the a great game with or without the gaming wheel, but just imagine your gamers’ face when he or she not only opens a new Gran Tursimo 5 case, but an all new G27 PS3/PC gaming wheel. As you can see from our Logitech G27/G25 review, it is worth every penny, if car racing games rev your engine.

Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500 GB Hard Drive PS3 Upgrade $54.99


Let’s face it, nobody thinks of giving a hard drive for Christmas, but if more people knew that upgrading your PS3′s hard drive is an easy, affordable and worthy upgrade, more people would be giving PS3 hard drives this holiday season. Turn your stock 40GB PS3 into a 500GB Monster! We recommend the Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500 GB due to its quiet and cool performance.

Budget (mO DeAl$) PS3 Gift Stocking Stuffer Ideas.

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