Trend 911

Jul 13, 2009

Ann Tancio

Sumolounge SumoSac Bean Bag Chairs

After a long and stressful day on the job, the staff here at Trend911 love nothing more than to relax and do absolutely nothing.  We love this more than anything but have had a very large problem with this for the past few years.   That was… up until last Friday. Our office had ZERO space to sit and relax or lounge around.  It was either our office chairs or the floor.

Anyways, back to the excitement of last Friday.

A large box came in the mail Friday morning, none of us had any idea what was inside but like most mature adults- we tore through the box like  little kids at Christmas.  Inside was a large sac of what felt like foam pellets.  After removing the sides of the cardboard box so we could actually get this sac of foam out, our slow minds finally registered on what it was.  We had in our possession- a Sumolounge Sumosac!? For those of you still wondering what the heck a Sumolounge Sumosac is, feast your eyes on this amazing picture!


Still not excited?  Sumolounge makes the highest end “beanbag” chairs on the market.  Filled with Memory foam pellets inside and covered in luxurious microsuade, it makes any bed, couch or chair obsolete.  Our Sumolounge has brougth comfort to a whole other level.  Staff writers for our company are actually arriving earlier and earlier every day trying to fight over who gets to use the sumosac.

SumoLounge has been featured in numerous celebrity events like Playboy gatherings, The Sundance Film Festival and even in People Magazine.  In July, they will be providing seating for the Wrath of Con After Party and have the honor of Megan Fox sitting on one of their comfy chairs!  That is just not fair….. Megan, we have one here waiting for you!

Check out and get yourself one of these awesome Sumo bean bag chairs.  If we haven’t said it enough, they are amazing!

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