Turn Your House Into the Neighborhood Fun Spot

Oct 10, 2018

Brad Ellis

Remember back to your childhood — there probably was a least one or two “fun houses” that you hung out at in your neighborhood. Maybe it was even your own parents’ house, but every neighborhood has a cool, fun play spot. Now that you’re an adult and own your own home, you should be doing everything you can to have your house be the cool spot.

As a parent, you should do everything you can to ensure that your children are safe at all times. The only way to do that is to keep them inside at all times, which is out of the question because kids not only love to go outside, they like to go to new areas and hang out with their pals. If your house is full of awesome and fun stuff, however, your kids and all his or her friends will love spending time inside.

Here are some great ways to transform your otherwise boring home into a functional and fun-filled play space for your kids and all their pals:


  • Devote an entire room to the play area — You might be giving up a lot of space in your home, but it’ll be well worth it. The interior design industry generates roughly $10 billion in revenues each year. It’s a great idea to redecorate and redesign a specific room in your home just for the kids. Every couple of months, pick up a new gadget or cool toy and place it inside the kids’ playroom. They’ll have a blast playing all sorts of games and will feel comfortable in their very own room.


  • Huge bean bag chairs — Around your house, you should place some cool and comfortable bean bag chairs. Head down to a trusted bean bag store and start picking out some nice-looking and comfortable bag chairs. Get rid of all your boring furniture and replace them with comfortable and eccentric bean bag chairs.


  • Have a separate video game room — As much as you try to keep your children off of video games, it’s probably not going to happen. Kids love video games — from Fortnite to sports games, so you might as well accept it. Having a play area with board games and cool toys is great, but you should also devote a separate room for video games. When you visit the bean bag store, you can purchase some bean bag gaming chairs that are great for your kids and all their friends to enjoy. Another benefit of having a video game room… parents can play video games, too!

Head to a bean bag store, pick up some cool gadgets and start devoting some specific areas of your home to your kids and all their friends. If you want to learn more about improving your home’s interior design and giving your kids an excellent video game setup, contact Sumo Lounge today and check out some huge bean bag chairs!

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