ugoto Reviews the Sumo Omni Bean Bag

Oct 8, 2008

Ann Tancio


Sumo Chair!

When I received the SumoSac it came neatly tucked in its box which happened to weigh a ton. The SumoSac was vacuum packed because of its enormous size. Once the box was opened I was absolutely taken back at how big this chair was. I immediately put on the soft microsued cover and got ready to jump in.

As soon as I landed I sunk into the chair and felt the small foam pieces surround me. Its like a chair that is custom designed to your body each and every time you use it. It braces you head, neck, and back very well. I would recommend this chair for someone who is pained by sitting in conventional seating.

I must say that since the arrival of my new chair I have found myself feeling good, more relaxed, and calm. I often use it as a substitute to my desk. I can just lay back, sink in, and relax while working on my laptop. To be honest it is kind of hard to stay awake in it. It has a strange ability to put me to sleep.

Overall I cant say enough good things about this chair. I only wish it was portable enough to move with me from room to room. Words can not fairly describe the comfort I have found with the SumoSac.


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