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Sep 6, 2006

Ann Tancio


Sumo – Urban Lounge Gear

An overview of my personal experiences with the Sumo line of “bean” filled furniture.


Sumo calls its Omni – Sumo bead filled bean bag chair – a [giant] pillow. An appropriate name for something as versatile as the down filled pillow you may have at the head of your bed. As we all know, the most comfortable position(s) for lounging are ones which allow us to be in complete control. Bend, beat, push, stuff, or fold. Pillows are the perfect companion for lounging in.

Derek you’re one lazy guy aren’t you? Well yes, yes I can be. However, I would like to point out that the “laziness” is actually more of a comfortable lounge around personality that I’ve mastered over the better part of the past five years. Can you relate? If so, the Sumo Omni bag / pillow will be your new best companion.

So what can a future Sumo bag customer expect? Expect a giant box to land at your front door via Fedex containing a compressed 4.5′ x 5.5′ Sumo bean filled bag [Sumo Omni]. The smaller counterpart – the Sumo Otto – acts as a foot rest, temporary seat, or short table for resting items. Wrestling the bag(s) out of the box may pose somewhat of an inconvenience for the vertically challenged. I recommend a two-party unboxing team.

Once the bag is out of the box, your first inclination will be to to re-enact your favorite WWF body slam technique on to the bag. Fitting as that is the exact physical punishment these bags are able to withstand. Sumo products are constructed with a super tough rip-proof nylon which resists tears or punctures which may result from heavy physical activities or “exercising” routines. The tough material protects the soft Sumo beads within while guaranteeing that none escape – assuming you remember to keep the zipper / velcro closure tightly sealed.

At $149 [Omni] and $79 [Otto] respectively, the Sumo bean filled lounge pieces are an affordable set worthy of any casual TV room, dorm, apartment, or bachelors pad. When compared to the recently struggling – Chapter 11 filing – Love Sac, there is no competing to the level of value and comfort. Look at the comparison alone – Sumo Omni ($149) vs. LoveSac MovieSac ($229). You can’t go wrong with Sumo bag endorsed by Playboy, US Open Surfing, or the LA Film Festival can you?

Interested? Appealing? Show us how much you yearn for a bean bag to lounge in. Show enough interest, and opportunities may very well present themselves allowing a few lucky readers to put their own Sumo bags into submission for free. The rest who luck out may will have to go the discounted route.

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