Unlock Dorm Room Secrets With These 3 Trendy Seating Options

Aug 22, 2018

Brad Ellis

Going to college for the first time is an exciting adventure, but the dorm lifestyle can present major challenges. Dorm rooms are infamously small and bland, so whether your concern is about space or aesthetic, you will need to come to move-in day prepared to make the space your own with innovative storage ideas, a comfy bean bag chair, and functional furniture.


    1. Perch on Pillows: Who needs real chairs when you have a strong collection of aesthetically-pleasing throw pillows? Okay, maybe many people do and you will certainly want at least one piece of seating not on the floor, but if you want to invite your new friends to hang out in your room or hold a study session with class members, arranging fluffy pillows on your floor is a great option. With large groups, hierarchies can form based on who gets to sit on the bed, who gets the bean bag chair, and who ends up copping a squat on the floor. You can level the playing field, though, by providing everyone with a fun and comfy pillow from the start. When the group leaves and you’re left with a bunch of pillows on the ground, toss them on to your bed for comfy sleeping or into the small corners of your closet for padded storage.
    2. Buy a Bean Bag Chair: A college dorm room with a nice bean bag chair in the corner is a classic image for a reason. Most importantly, it’s because they’re comfortable. After a long day of sitting in stiff wooden desks for class you need a place to sink into and relax. You may be tempted to get a giant bean bag chair because it looks the coziest, but that may not fit too well in a limited — and most likely shared — space. Opt for a fuzzy bean bag chair on the smaller side, that way you get the comfort and the ability to fit it under your bed for maximum storage. Another good chair option when you need to save space is the butterfly or folding lounge chair. These come in a variety of colors and designs, are comfortable to sit in, and best of all they are easily folded and stored.
    3. Fancify With A Futon: If you have the space, go for the college dorm gold and get a futon. This is the simplest solution to having a comfortable seating area with the added potential for an extra sleeping space if you need it. Undoubtedly, a fellow resident from down the hall will get locked out, or your best friend will drop into town and need a place to sleep. When you’re lucky enough to live in a dorm room that has space to spare, you can use it to your advantage by investing in a trendy, comfortable futon.


    The global market for furniture and floor coverings is incredibly large — forecast to reach $695 billion by 2019 — and your seating options are practically endless. Whether you choose to make a trip to the bean bag store, invest in throw pillows, or shell out for a functional futon, make sure that it suits your dorm space and all of your comfort needs.

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