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Oct 30, 2008

Ann Tancio


VGC Review: SumoSac Lounge Chair

VGChartz reviews one of the most premier gaming loungers in the industry. Is it worth the high price tag?

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing the Sumo Omni . Now, I will be criticizing the chair that the guys at SUMO feel is the best product they offer, the SumoSac. If the Omni didn’t pique your interest, maybe the SumoSac will. Despite both being comfy lounge chairs, both fulfill slightly different pleasures, in my mind.

I decided to try out the SumoSac Sultan, which is the second largest SumoSac offered on . The chair came in a cardboard box that was literally bursting at the seams. Upon liberating it, the SumoSac started to grow (And I mean REALLY grow). In a matter of hours, I had a huge, fluffy lounge chair. At full size, the Sumo stands at 54 x 54 x 42. It makes the Omni look small. Realize that you can get the lounger in 5 different colors (black, khaki, funky brown, fiery red, and sky blue). Unlike the Omni, which is covered in nylon, the SumoSac has a softer, microsuede cover (it is not completely waterproof, but is easily washable). Another difference between the Omni and SumoSac is the stuffing. The Omni contains foam microbeads and the SumoSac consists of 100% shredded urethane foam.

As I discussed in my review of the Omni, I live in an apartment with 3 other rowdy males. Without hesitation, I can promise you that this is a durable piece of furniture (It has survived front flips from the couch, after all). As mentioned briefly above, if anything is spilled on it, just zip off the cover and throw it in the washer.

When I first laid down on the SumoSac, I felt it was more comfortable than the Omni. The fabric is softer and the chair itself is larger. My friends and I have even nicknamed the SumoSac ‘The Cat Bed’ because all you need to do is lay down, move around to get comfortable and fall right asleep. Don’t underestimate the size of this chair. It’s huge. I can fit 2 full sized adults on it (at least on the Sultan size). Although, I will admit, this lounge chair is not as versatile as the Omni. You could position the Omni is many different ways, but the SumoSac is not the same. For this reason, I use the Omni for tasks I want to sit up in (some video games, working on my laptop, etc). If I ever want to lie down and watch and movie, socialize with friends, or take a nap, I tend to gravitate towards the SumoSac.

As with the Omni, I would recommend this to people who want to provide a very relaxed environment. This is why it’s perfect to play video games in. I also feel the SumoSac is a lot more recognizable as a beanbag chair than the Omni. I don’t get questions like “What is that thing?” as I did with my first chair. So if I were to go with one chair or the other, I would pick the SumoSac. Both are quality products, but the SumoSac is larger and more comfortable.

This lounger will run you $250, but it’s well worth it. SUMO makes quality products that you will definitely be happy about. Remember this is a very large, comfortable, quality beanbag chair. I choose the black model, which shows dirt pretty easily, but that was to be expected. Other than that, I really have no complaints. If you are in need of a unique lounge chair, I would seriously consider the SumoSac.

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