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Sep 7, 2008

Ann Tancio


VGC Review: SUMO Omni Lounge Chair

VGChartz reviews one of the most premier gaming lounge chairs in the industry. Is it comfortable enough to game in for hours? Find out inside!

So, you want to have the best gaming experience possible, right? And you’ve just bought the latest game that everyone has been talking about. How can life get any better? The answer is SUMO – the company behind the Omni lounge chair that will allow you to divorce your lumpy, Cheeto-stained couch.

The chair has a different look to it than most beanbag chairs. It is shaped more along the lines of a super sized pillow, instead of your standard, rounded beanbag. And be aware, this is not your grandmother’s gaming chair. The dimensions measure 5.5 x 4.5 feet. I was not expecting something this large – however, I did not find it to be too big. Considering the Omni is filled with little lightweight, foam beads, the chair is not terribly heavy, either, making it very portable – a big plus. You also have the option of ten different colors ranging from black to bright pink.

I would not worry about the durability of this chair. It is made of a rip-proof nylon, instead of cotton. This means you can spill your Bawls energy drink on it without having to worry about ruining the Omni. Considering I currently live with three guys who get a little rambunctious at times, I can safely say that this piece of furniture has survived its fair share of beatings. Unless you are purposely trying to damage the Omni, I don’t think you will have any problems.

Made of nylon, some might question the comfort level. I can assure you that if you fluff the Omni (like you would a pillow) and then proceed to crash down on top of it, you will not move for a number of hours. The small beads allow the chair to mold to your body and cushion you in a way that many chairs cannot. I have slept on the chair, gamed for hours on it, socialized with friends on it, etc. I usually have everyone who comes by the house sit on it and so far, I have had not a single complaint.

So, who will love this lounge chair? Mostly everyone. However, it definitely caters to the gaming crowd. I now prefer the SUMO’s crash mat over my couch and chairs. Realize it may look a bit out of place in some homes, but for bedrooms and college apartments, this is a must have.

To sum up my experience, I would definitely recommend the Omni to all of you. The only concerns I had with it were that you might lose track of time, which will cause you to be late for work or class. Also, it did not look like it had enough beads at first. But after sitting on it for a while, I realized it was just fine. Lastly, some may think the lounge chair is a little pricey. Right now you can get one for $150 with free shipping. Believe me, you are not being ripped off. The Omni is worth every penny.

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