Apr 28, 2007

Ann Tancio


When this thing first arrived on my doorstep I thought it was a tent! (it’s that big!!! – serious!). It took me a while to realise that it was in fact the Omni Lounge, from Sumo – The Behemoth of Bean Bags – The Mother of all Lounge Chairs. That’s when the cheshire cat grin played its way across my face and I knew in that moment that I was in for an Uber Geek experience… heh!

The first thing I did was lay the fabric flat on the floor to check it out and thats when the sheer magnitude of its size becomes apparent. The unfilled chair is colossal, covering 4.5′ x 5.5′ it takes up a decent amount of real estate. It’s a bit of a guessing game with how much fill you need, I got about 5 x 100L bags (I didn’t use all of them) and I filled this sucker to the brim. I could resist the urge no longer and jumped onto the chair to feel its comfort… It’s like a big doona.

Is it comfortable? Hell yes! What sets it apart from a normal sloppy bean bag is its strong support. In its various formations the chair has immense stability. Unlike your standard bean bag that lies there and does nothing except make your back hurt after a few hours, the Sumo Omni actually gives you the comfort without the aches and pains after use. A definite Plus!

For the addicted gamer this is the ultimate chair to “lounge” in whilst giving your console a workout. It truly is designed with the geek in mind, and those long play sessions will be done in comfort and style on this baby. Your mates will wonder why you keep thrashing them on the playstation 3, and when they find out why they will want a Sumo Omni of their own. Let them burn in jealous rage as you frag them into oblivion from the comfort of your urban lounge chair 😉

The chair is made of a space age nylon material, that is spill proof, waterproof & rip proof. If you could use this material for a tarp you would. It repels water and it is incredibly strong.

What shits you about most bean bags? Those bloody beans. Filling up a normal bean bag is a nightmare, then once its full you have to worry about the zipper working its way loose and your floor being scattered with those bloody beans. Not so with the Sumo Omni. It has an ingenious double-locking mechanism (a zipper to lock the beans in, and then a super-strong velcro strap that locks the zipper away )

TIP: Fill the chair in the bath, that way any loose beans you do spill will be easier to collect and dispose of.

So what else is different about this chair? It’s brilliant design allows you to mould the chair into many different shapes to suit different needs. If you want to sit upright and work you can do that, or you can use it as a loveseat, a really big cushion or even as a bench while you press some weights. It is seriously that stable, and yet surprisingly comfortable enough for you to snooze in.

TIP: To increase the malleable properties of the bag, remove as much air as possible once filled. This will enable you to mould the chair into all the variations on offer.

I have a papasan that used to take pride of place in the loungeroom, but ever since the Sumo Lounge has been around, the papasan just doesn’t get used. It doesn’t compare to the sheer quality and comfort of the Sumo Omni. The papasan went out on the last cleanup, and the Sumo Omni is here to stay!

The chair comes in a range of colours (pictured is the charcoal green model)… and despite the manufacturers being based in Canada and this humble reviewer being based in Australia, the chair shipped ultra fast (I think it was 1 or 2 days tops) give the timezones. That’s pretty reassuring for such a speedy delivery from the top of the world to the bottom.

So what are you waiting for? Chuck your old bean bag away and order a Sumo Omni today, you won’t be dissapointed (It’s been 6 months and I’m stilling grinning like a cheshire cat).

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