Aug 2, 2006

Ann Tancio


Last week a huge box showed up with what I can only describe as the coolest bean bag chair I have ever seen inside of it. Now let me qualify this. I grew up in the 70’s. I’ve seen my share of bean bag chairs, and I’ve seen every one of them explode in a shower of Styrofoam pebbles and poorly sewn vinyl. The Sumo Omni is nothing like that. First off, it’s made of a durable (yet gentle on the skin) nylon. I’m sure that given the right circumstances this thing will leave an abrasion, but so will carpet. Poorly sewn? Not on your life. This thing has 2 separate double-stitched seams holding it together. We dropped several 200-300 pound guys on this from a height of at least 5 feet, and those seams held like they were welded shut. We drug those same pseudo-sumos across the floor by the corners and edges of the bag, and those seams didn’t tear open.

So, its tough and durable. But is it comfortable? Hell, yes. You can set this thing up and sit in it and it doesn’t take long to form itself around you in a stable position. By stable I mean I didn’t move for almost 2 hours. When I woke up, everyone in the office was amazed that a) I still had a job, and b) my legs hadn’t fallen asleep. Cutting off circulation is a big problem with the other “gaming” chairs that sit on the floor and rock back and forth. Not so with the Omni.

We ran it through every test we could come up with except for 2:

1) Joe wanted to throw it out of the back of a truck going 75 mph on I-40. I said no, because I wasn’t sure the State Patrol would appreciate the huge crater we left in the highway.

2) Joe wanted to use it like a pillow in a pillow fight, since it’s just a big pillow, right? No Joe, although it is like a big pillow, if this thing is built strong enough to crater highways, no way are you swinging it at my head.

Here’s the bottom line on this product and or service:

The Sumo Omni is worth every penny you pay for it. If you are the type who spends long hours in front of the TV gaming or binging episodic DVD releases, then this is the chair for you. I know of one person who wants to buy 2 of them and replace their futon. Be sure to check out the Sumo Urban Lounge Gear site, to get more details and to order one for your very own.

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