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Feb 18, 2014

Ann Tancio


Bean Bags by SumoLounge

As I open a box that cannot be anything other than my much awaited Sumo Sultan bean bag, I hope everything they have said about the brand and this specific type (The Sultan) is true. As I take it out and catch a glimpse of its super nice corduroy finish I have a childish feeling of complete innocent joy, I’m excited!!

The Sumo brand offers various types of bean bags, shapes and sizes, but this one specifically seems to be a “big one” that people prefer, not too huge and not to small, good enough. As I make space for it in the living I almost start picturing all of furniture being replaced with Sumo bean bags, a wild thought but not a bad one. After I have decided an ideal spot for it I turn around, fall backwards and let the bag break my fall…what every bag is made for, those long days at work, school etc. coming home and just letting everything go even the floor beneath your feet. It was amazing, I sunk in perfectly… not to deep not too high and straight in the middle, ok it was comfortable but could it feel good for long periods of time and was the corduroy going to get hot?

I turn on the television and watch my favorite show (Walking Dead!) and to my surprise I was quite comfortable, though I did move a couple times to change position. Next I had to do some work from my table later on that day, so whatever way than to do it from my sultan. As I lay there working my nephew comes and jumps on the bag… we both fit! Quite well I might add! So with one hand wrapped around my nephew and one doing work we sat and eventually slept on the thing for about 30 minutes, what do you know? Perfect for napping as well.

Though we are in winter now, almost spring, I not sure how hot the corduroy will get…the good thing is that depending in your area and how humid or cold it gets, Sumo offers the sultan in both corduroy and suede material, which the suede I imagine being less hot as it not “furry”.

With that said, for about two days I used the Sultan beanbag in all the ways I could possible think of, from work to fun, from moving around in to just napping and I have no complaint. The size of the Sultan is super perfect and with sufficient space for your legs to dangle at a complete relaxed position.

So for anyone looking for a bean bag chair, I highly recommend this if you are looking for big or small, Sumo offers products for that size as well. Until next time I’m going to go enjoy my bean bags (as I have bought more!).

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