Welcome to the Playboy Sumo Lounge

Feb 8, 2008

Ann Tancio


Welcome To The Playboy Sumo Lounge

The first time the Giants and Pats played, we reclined on huge Sumo bean bags, some of which made their way back into our office and into our work routine:

The Executive


A high-powered editor takes a serious phone call.

The Conversation Piece


Two editors discuss the March issue (on stands now); only one of them is Italian.

The Gamer


An editor bangs on the (Rock Band) drums all day.

The New York Steamer


A fashion assistant preps for a shoot/does his laundry.

Fuck Ergonomics


Someone threw his desk chair off the fourth floor. At least he isn’t trolling the Internet for porn!



A literary intern relaxes in a comfy Sumo, with a half-way decent galley and a terrible hat.

The Hot SeatplayboyMag7

An editor reviews a prospective intern’s resume. Why is the lad grinning? It may be because he thinks he’s getting the job or it may be that he was just told a nude model was in his seat just five minutes before.

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