Oct 2, 2006

Ann Tancio


Expensive beanbag is like…one of the great oxymorons of life. The whole POINT of a beanbag is to be cheap.

*deep breath*

Alright. Alright. Maybe I was jumping the gun. After all, I didn’t have it yet.

Much to my surprise I received this bean bag fully assembled. I was not looking forward to assembling this SOB. – But wait! It’s already together already!

So I threw my butt into the thing. Now, this bean bag couple probably compensate for a bed it’s that big. So I’m sitting in the thing and I can’t get over the fact that it’s $129. – Okay. Okay. How much do normal chairs cost? Z$150? $200? Surly a chair you sit in to play video games in, if it isn’t a sofa, is about $130.

Then I thought…hmmm…Every computer chair I’ve ever had broke at some point. Or, is in the process of breaking. You know the feeling. Brand new computer chair. It’s great and awesome for the first week then all of a sudden you step on a bolt that you have NO IDEA where it goes. Then pretty soon a leg falls off and you crash and get a skull fracture and you forget how to spell “phoeniaticaly” correctly.


This is a nice gaming “chair”, this bean bag.

So, my final conclusion is this:

If you’re looking for a nice gaming chair that won’t break like every other chair. And, you don’t feel like blowing $500 dollars on a couch. This is a nice alternative. It’s pretty comfortable and apparently won’t break if you sit on it. Like a chair does. Go figure.

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