What You Should Consider When Buying a Bean Bag Chair

Apr 19, 2018

Ann Tancio

For those who are looking to add a fun and comfortable twist to their regular seating habits, a bean bag chair can be a great piece of furniture.

Most people associate bean bag chairs with a certain decade or age group, but the bean bag chair industry continuously produces new and exciting products that can be used by anyone.

If you’re considering purchasing a bean bag lounge chair, there are certain criteria that you should look for.

You wouldn’t think a bean bag chair could be expensive, but like other pieces of furniture (especially ergonomic furniture) they can range in price. You should figure out how much you’re willing to spend before you begin looking. A regular bean bag chair can be relatively cheap but you’ll want to know exactly how much you’re looking to spend.

You should also ask yourself what you’re planning to use the chair for (besides sitting, of course). There are multiple different types and styles of bean bag chairs available that cater to specific uses. For instance, if you want a chair to play video games or watch movies, then you should get a gamer bean bag chair; if you want something to lounge in with a lot of space, then you should get a giant beanbag chair. Many Americans play video games, with 155 million playing regularly. A comfortable chair is often a desire of many ‘gamers.’ Some companies also offer chairs that are designed with a specific shape, such as one that resembles the typical chair, or one that is modeled after a chaise lounge.

Material and Filling
Bean bag chairs can come in a variety of outer material. There are corduroy bean bags, leather bean bags, fuzzy bean bag chairs, suede and more. Knowing what material will be the most suitable for your needs will narrow your search. You can also have an assortment of filling material as well. Usually, bean bags are filled with a type of styrofoam bead, but there are other options such as memory foam.

Whether you’re looking for corduroy bean bags, an oversized fluffy lounge chair, or a classic bean bag chair, knowing your criteria can get you the perfect chair for your needs.

If you’re interested in purchasing a bean bag chair, contact Sumo Lounge today.

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