Sep 18, 2006

Ann Tancio


Sumo Omni Lounge

Sumo Omni- The hippest way to play? Oh, not to mention comfortable. Wait, what am I talking about? Yeah, the new HUGE hip bean-bag chairs. I don’t mean those average bean-bags…this new version of a “bean-bag” is slightly bigger (ranging in size from a medium ottoman/beanbag chair, to a comfortable sleep-able lounge bag). So details. Now, I was pretty impressed with this lounge bean bag. It is ABSOLUTELY perfect for video games, decoration, and even just lounging on your floor, watching tv and such. (Definitely a plus for dorms and just spacious basements/bedrooms).

If you have a lot of floor room, this “pillow” is perfect. And the best thing about it: It comes in ALL different colors! Yes girls, even pink! :). I received a black one myself to review, and the entire family was definitely into it. But these bags are definitely worth checking out! Like I said, it’s A+ on the comfort, and it’s just BIG, so you don’t have to be greedy; you can share that space. :]

You can grab yourself an “Omni” lounge chair (which I own), or check out the “Otto” bag chair here: The site even offers free shipping on their products; so try one out today 😀


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