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Dec 27, 2007

Ann Tancio


Seattle, Washington
The Season of Plugging

Having little or nothing to do with the looming pagan solstice holiday, I find myself with numerous products I want to talk about. So I’m lumping them all into one post.

Now and then, people send me free stuff. Sometimes it’s in appreciation for a mention on my site. And sometimes it’s in the hopes that I will mention it in the future. If the product sounds interesting, I accept it on the terms that I’m not going to mislead anyone about the circumstances in which it was received.

Sumo sent me an enormous bean bag chair. My first encounter with Sumo chairs was at the Penny Arcade Expo last year, where they were scattered by the dozens throughout the convention hall.

whereMatt1 whereMatt2

I had an opportunity to take a couple freebies home after this year’s expo, but I brought Melissa to the show one day, and when she bore witness to images like this one…


…she became not-so-interested in allowing them into the house.

The Sumo folks were nice enough to work around that dilemma, and I now have two gigantic sacks of foam balls to sink into, untainted by prior exposure to smelly nerd ass.

The feeling is…decadent. They are preternaturally comfortable. They’re also great for playing videogames on and hurling small children into — I recently played Mattapult with my nieces and it served as a reliable crash site.

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