Sep 15, 2014

Ann Tancio

8 Reasons Why You Need The Omni Reloaded Chair by Sumo Lounge

8 Reasons Why You Need The Omni Reloaded Chair by Sumo Lounge Firstly, calling Sumo’s new Omni Reloaded a chair is rather limiting considering it is so much more. It reclines, lays flat, curls into a roll, and bends in almost every way imaginable. If you prefer your body to be angled a certain way when you’re laying down, this Omni Reloaded can do just that. It is incredible. Sumo Lounge has been making premium bean bag chairs for over 10 years and the quality certain shows in this product. It might be on the more expensive side of $199, it will probably last a lifetime. And if your chairs lasting for eternity doesn’t convince you, here are 8 other reasons why this is their best product yet. 1. The Omni Reloaded is a great looking chair with a rather bright variety of color selections to add a pop of color to any indoor setting. 2. It’s very comfortable to sit or lay on to play games, watch movies, and of course, browsing WildAmmo 3. Made with quality materials and flexible yet sturdy steel frame so it’ll continue bending and supporting even as our measly human bodies start withering away. 4. Once you’re done using it, it easily folds up to fit in your car or can be easily carried around outside. 5. It’s both UV and water resistant so going to the beach will never. be. the. same. again. 6. Now you have unprecedented comfort both indoors and outdoors. Boom. 7. Wish you could lay down? No need to wish, just bend it flat and your wish is the Omni Reloaded’s command. Wow, such features! 8. Everyone who appreciates quality chairs wants one or has one and you don’t want to be left out now do you? Check it out here:

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