Worth 1000

Jun 11, 2008

Ann Tancio


It’s perfect for butts of all sizes

I first had the opportunity to review Sumo’s first offering, the Sumo Omni, back in 2006, with mixed results (I declared it uncomfortable for adults to sit on, but a wonderful playmat for kids). That review still stands – as does the Sumo Omni in my children’s playroom. (My staff has since tripled from one 2-year-old testing assistant to an additional 2-year-old and 2-week old reviewer).

Given my original mixed review of the Omni, I never expected to hear back from Sumo. So imagine my surprise when a huge box showed up at my door from Sumo with their new product, the SumoSac, asking for another review. I was actually not that surprised, but it is a good literary device intended to increase the drama of this review.

The box was huge and heavy: weighing in apparently at 55 pounds. The UPS driver had lugged it up the steps and looked slightly annoyed, so I offered him some cookies. He accepted my signature instead.

The contents inside were packed tightly, with clear instructions on how to assemble the bag. It comes as tightly packed foam inside of a plastic sack. The instructions are quite fun: You are supposed to kick and punch the foam into little pieces, then leave it in a warm area for 24 hours to expand. Everyone in my office immediately got to work. Aside from the occasional “accidental” punch on our compatriots and an immediate counter-punch, the destruction process went very smooth and was quite cathartic.

By the time we were done, we had a nice pliable black sac full of chunky foam and only slight bruising. The instructions indicated that the foam would expand and soften over the next 24 hours so we let it sit.

The next day we came in and whoa: the SumoSac had become HUGE. It was approximately 6 feet in diameter; was round, firm and supple. The material was soft to the touch (kind of like a synthetic suede feel). Unlike the Omni, the SumoSac was really enjoyable to lie down on and sit in.

The SumoSac comes with 2 modes, both excellent: ‘slouch-mode’ and ‘nap-mode.’

To turn on slouch-mode, you simply sit in the SumoSac and keep your eyes open. Slouch-mode is excellent for (but not limited to) the following scenarios:

  • Sitting
  • Shifting position
  • Being comfortable

To turn on nap-mode, you simply sit in the SumoSac and close your eyes. Nap-mode is excellent for (but not limited to) the following scenarios:

  • During conference calls.
  • During meetings.
  • During nights my new 2-week-old research assistant is conducting loud vocal research into the depths of parental sleep-deprivation levels. Every hour of the #$ing night.

I give the SumoSac and hearty two feet up in the air and encourate everyone to head to their website to buy one now.

It’s perfect for butts of all sizes.

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