Feb 11, 2014

Ann Tancio

Zimbio Review – Sumo Lounge Gigantor & Titan Bean Bag Chairs


We’ve got nothing but great things to say about Sumo Lounge‘s amazing line of bean bag chairs. They’ve been a staple of our Bay Area office for years now so we were doubly excited when Sumo sent over its two hugest chairs for our lounging pleasure. What better way to celebrate Sumo’s ten year anniversary?

We got the Gigantor in fur, and the thing is bigger than big (86″ x 60″ x 40″). It took two huge delivery dudes just to get it through the door. It’s amazingly comfortable and fits two adult engineers nicely, but there’s actually room for three (see below). The fur is soft, inviting and incredibly warm. This is definitely the one to buy if you live in a cold-weather climate. It also comes in microsuede and corduroy, and many other color options.

Sumo Lounge’s Gigantor in fur. The other chair we got was the Titan, Sumo’s second-largest bean bag (70″ x 49″ x 36″). Shaped like a giant cylinder (see below, middle), it’s the perfect lounge chair to lie down and relax in. It’s big enough for any one person and could easily accomodate a couple or two friends who like to snuggle. Our bag came in Sumo’s microsuede which doesn’t fit the bag as well as the fur and corduroy, but it still looks great and is insanely comfortable. We also found that by turning the Titan on its end, we could create a giant bean bag throne. Bonus!

Sumo Lounge’s Titan (middle) and Sway Couple (right).

Head over to Sumo Lounge to check out their line of great chairs including the Gigantor and Titan and Sway Couple.

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