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Let's face it, as gamers we are looking to be a comfy as possible for a s long as possible. So that means we need the best in everything: from T.V.'s to sound systems, controllers to cables. But what about where you place your posterior? Sure, you can sit on your couch and be miles from your T.V. (good luck picking off that sniper from the moon!) Or you can perch on that folding chair, it gives you freedom to sit where you want as well as a quick storage solution, they also give you an idea of what its like to be at a work convention (FYI: its not fun, or comfortable).

That's why the folks at Sumo created the Omni. It fit into any living/T.V. room with ease as it comes in ten stunning colors, ranging from basic black to hot pink. It also give you an amazing array of seating options. Oh, and yes it also stands up to spills and crumbs, because lets face it no matter how careful you are accidents will and do happen.

Lets start with the specs:*

• Choose the color of your beanbag chair – 10 achingly fashionable colors to choose from
• Configure your beanbag chair in 10 different positions (discovered three so far – some say we lack imagination)
• Our giant beanbags measure big – 4.5' X 5.5, but weighs little – just 18lbs
• Space age rip-proof nylon, stays new looking – easy to clean
• Our beanbags are filled with top quality Sumo beads

So, already we know this is not your highschool bean bag chair. Sumo gives you a beast of a chair coming in at 4 1/2 X 5 1/2 feet; to put it this way you are getting a massive beanbag that you can (and trust me I have) sleep on, if your gaming least you well into wee hours of the mourning. Also, Sumo has elected to give you something that won't impede your meek gaming physique, weighing in at around 18lbs (my personal Omni is 18.3 lbs).


What can you say about a massive bean bag? Well, for starters this chair comes in a beautiful array of colors that will place well in any setting, be it a dorm room or the corner of your office. And the canvas for those colors is an amazingly flexible yet strong Nylon fabric that will stand up to the occasional spill (or pet). Sumo has joined Nylon with sharp clean seams (two rows) in matching thread to give pronounced and strong edges. From there, we have a well hidden section of 2″ wide Velcro to hide the refill zipper. All this is topped with a crisp looking Sumo logo (white text on a red 2″X8″ Nylon tag).


Ask any of the rebels from the camp and they will tell you, I am up late every night doing one of two things, playing games or watching movies/T.V. shows. The Omni is perfect for these actions as it will allow you to recline for watching a movie, giving a full range of support as you relax into a world of whatever it is you are watching. Or, if its a gaming night, you can have a fierce front lean going to keep you in the tense white knuckle action all night long.

I have sat in each position for well over 3 hours at a time and have yet to feel any discomfort.


Now we have a real test for how this will hold up, as Melly and I have 2 cats (Totem and Wii, the later of whom can be hear in various episodes of FTGR and CVP). The cats have been known to sleep on the chair from time to time, and that means they kneed the hell out of it with their claws…yet the chair still looks as good as it did the day we pulled it from the box.

As for cleaning and caring, I can say with 100% confidence that the chair will wipe clean with just warm water, I have had some beverages spill on the chair late at night. The easy cleaning is a major plus for those with children, or those who are married to myself (I am a bit messy at times).

Over All:

If you, or some one you know is in the market for a new chair to relax in when watching movies, reading books, creating websites, or getting all crazy in some video games then you need to look into Sumo. Their products are high quality and designed to last. From the great selection of colors to the details in construction Sumo deserves a look if not more from those in the market.

*Specs from Sumo Omni official website.


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