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Sumo Beanbag Chairs Interview

what would you say the pros and cons are about retail vs online?

Online is best. Customers choose their products, place the order and the money is already in the account & shipping labels are printed before we even know that we sold one.

can you tell us about your production methods and what makes them better than say other bean bag manufacturers?

The quality of our products is far superior than anything else on the market. The nylon we use is made exclusively for us and there are only a few mills in the world that produce it.

what are your thoughts as to what color sumo combo goes best with what lifestyle?

Depends on the individual, dcor and setting. The brighter colors such as tangerine and hot pink are great for a playroom. We offer darker colors like pitch black and charcoal green, which go well in a home theater. For those who like a more modern, clean look we have pure white and platinum.

do people use your chairs for more than just resting?

Yes. The chairs are great for sunbathing, rehabilitation and even exercising.

tell us how sumo lounge unfolded?

A few years ago I ended a career as a merchant marine and moved back to Canada from Holland. I started a company that sold clocks and other furnishings and when the manufacturer could not produce I started manufacturing myself. After a few prototypes the first omni was born.

what do you enjoy most about sumo lounge?

Watching it grow.

tell us what inspired you to start a bean bag chair company?

I wanted to create the world's most comfortable chairs and bean bags seemed like the way to go.

sumo lounge chairs are being seen on some televised shows, tell us about how that all got hooked up.

I think people genuinely like the products and once they try it out, they just fall in love.

what are some products that you think are pretty cool?

I have always had an interest in little gadgets that make life easier. Because I tend to be a bit unorganized at times, I rely on things like my blackberry to keep me on top of everything.

Do you have a favorite piece of furniture?

I have always been a fan of high-end furniture and one of my favorites is the Barcelona chair.

any last words shout outs?

My mom. She has always been supportive and helped me out when I was too chicken to do the dirty work myself. One example that sticks out is when she phoned all my customers to tell them that they would have to wait a month to get their order. It was definitely a miracle that not one of them cancelled.

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