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Sumo Omni Bean Bag Chairs
Manufacturer: Sumo Lounge
Site: Buy from Sumo Lounge
Price: $149.00/£99 (Free shipping)


OMNI Features:

• 10 colors to choose from
• 10 different positions
• Measures big - 4.5’ X 5.5, but weighs little – just 18lbs
• Space age rip-proof nylon, stays new looking – easy to clean
• Filled with top quality sumo beads


I always wanted a Bean Bag chair, but I could never justify the cost to myself. You could easily buy 2 full priced games instead, and really is the couch/chair/floor really that bad?

Yes it is, compared to the Omni!

I have tried bean bag chairs before and seen their prices, and at £99 the Omni seemed to to be at the top end of the scale. But when it arrived I was surprised at the size of it, being a pessimist I thought they had used a smaller model for the PR shots. I'm not a small guy (not huge mind you) and I was very comfortable sitting many different positions in it and also laying it down flat me. It is not designed for two people but my girlfriend and I (she is smaller than me though) were comfortable on it (just about) and we could also sit side by side on it when its on its side.

It looks like a big pillow and when I read "10 different positions " I was like "whatever", but its true. I have thrown myself in the Omni many different ways and most are comfortable be it laying down, sitting upright for eating of the table (low table) or paying games.

The material is a thick, durable, comfortable nylon, that can be cleaned with a wet cloth (no stains that have not come off yet).

Unfortunately what I can't tell you (as I have only had it over a week) is how long it will keep its shape. We have all seen the old flat as a pancake bean bags, will the Omni end up the same?

Well according to their FAQ:

Does polystyrene decompress over time?

It can and it depends on usage. We use top quality high density virgin polystyrene foam. If you ever want more fill we sell it cheap at the following link:

Conclusion: The Omni Bean Bag Chair is by far the most comfortable and well made been bag chair I have ever seen/used, the $149/£99 price tag seems steep, but considering the quality and flexibility of the chair (and the free postage) I think its worth it.

Put it this way, a day has not passed since I got it that my butt has not been in it in some shape or form!


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