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If you've been reading GoNintendo over the last few years, you no doubt know that we've reviewed quite a few Sumo products. I'm not afraid to say that the company puts out some of the best bean bag chairs that you can find. I don't even feel right calling them bean bag chairs, because they're so much more than that! When I think of bean bag chairs, I think of the kind of product you buy at Target/Walmart for $30, and they end up popping/deflating a couple weeks later. Sumo's line of products is about as far from that kind of stuff as you can get.

Every time we get to check out one of Sumo's bean bag chairs, I'm always super impressed with the quality of work they do. Honestly, it's hard not to sit down in one of their products and not fall asleep. They have a way of cradling you like none other. That's exactly what Sumo's latest product does, the Sumo Titan. Here I thought that Sumo had made the best product yet with their Gigantor, but the Titan could very well trump it. First off, let's get to the details.

The Sumo Titan measures 70" x 49" x 36"
Removable & Washable Covers
8 different options
Extra length for lying down
Stays full and fluffy – will never go flat
Free Shipping

As you guys already know, Sumo's products aren't specifically for just gamers, they're for anyone that wants to snuggle up and feel comfortable. With that said, the guys at Sumo know that gamers put in a lot of hard time on the couch, and they want to make sure that we can get some better treatment for our rumps! That's why you see Sumo products at all the big video game shows. GDC, E3, PAX and name it and Sumo is there. These are the perfect type of chairs for gamers, as they're just at the right height and they provide perfect support for more than just your rear.

Let's get more into the Sumo Titan itself, shall we? Once again, I don't need to tell you that this sucker is ridiculously comfortable. It's really like a giant, fluffy marshmallow just waiting to swallow you up. As the picture up top shows, this baby really is just like a giant bean bag chair, expect it's a level of quality you're not going to find anywhere else. You know that little kid feeling you get when you dive into a ball pit? That's exactly what the Sumo Titan makes you feel like. This baby is going to put a smile on your face, and it's going to be awfully hard to wipe it away.

I promise, unless you've picked up another Sumo product already, you really don't understand how comfortable this thing is until you sit in it. I know that prior to Sumo's products, I've never experienced anything like it. Memory foam beds are nice, but they aren't going to envelope you like the Sumo Titan does. Every way you turn, every time you shift, you're going to find a new position that feels oh-so-good. It doesn't matter whether you're laying down or sitting up, the Titan is going to give you the support you need. It offers up the perfect mix of comfort and stability. If you want to sit and play some games, it's ready for that. If you want to lay down and go to sleep, it's definitely going to help you drift off.

What's gaming life been like since the Sumo Titan showed up? Well, with the current setup at the new warehouse, the Titan has become the go-to spot for entertainment. It's hands-down the best seat in the house for portable gaming. I kid you not, Mom Brain has been hogging the Titan like none other. She must have put over 20 hours in with The Sims 3D while lounging in the Titan. Even worse (but better for her), she just drops the 3DS by her side when she's done playing, and then has herself a little nap! Fast-forward to the morning where she's realized that she's slept the entire night in the Titan!

When Mom Brain isn't taking up the Titan's time, I've spent many an hour gaming on my 3DS as well. I usually lay on my back to play, and once I dig my hips into the Titan I come up with the perfect position. Of course, even when I'm done gaming I may put in a little cat-nap time as well. Even when we're just watching some TV at the warehouse, the Titan is the best spot to do it. We have some very comfy couches here, but the position of the Titan and the ridiculously cozy nature of the chair is just too much to pass up. Just be warned, you may end up passing out and missing the show you were watching!

By the way, it's not like the Titan has a one-person limit. You can comfortably fit two people into the chair, and that's even when you're laying down. If sitting up, this could definitely be a two person seat, if not leaving room for a third. As some of you know, we have a movie night every Tuesday night at the warehouse, and we always have a bunch of people over. The corner used to be a no-man's land for seating, which meant you had a fold-out chair or the floor. Now with the Sumo Titan around, we have people trying to get here early to call the seat for themselves!

As with most Sumo products, you're going to need some space to position this bad boy. With the measurements above, you should be able to decide if this sucker can fit into your living situation. The good news is, the Titan is actually surprisingly easy to move. Mom Brain and I were shifting the Titan around with little problem, and covering the chair in the removable/washable cover was a snap. You're definitely going to get your money out of this one, because it offers up a ton of seating space and comfort to match. Trust me, if you sit down in the Titan you're going to automatically start thinking of ways to fit it into your room.

In my opinion, Sumo is the go-to company for bean bag chairs. They've taken the idea of the bean bag chair and turned it into a luxury item. Each time they put together a new chair, they manage to best their last product. The Sumo Titan is a fantastic seat, no matter what you're looking to do. It's great for gaming, watching TV or just taking a nap. If you have a lot of sleepovers, you can welcome your friends to their new Sumo Titan bed! They're going to go home the next day quite jealous, and a little less pleased with their traditional mattress.

Do you need a little more proof that the Sumo Titan should be a serious consideration for your next seating purchase? Check out the picture below.

Yes, that's Mom Brain passed out in the Titan. I promise you that she is 100% asleep, and had no idea that I took this picture. As for the sleeping position she's gotten herself into, that I cannot explain!


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