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Sumo Sultan: Gaming Chair Review

Product Name: Sultan

Creator: Sumo Lounge (

Cost: $249 + free shipping

One of the most important aspects to any gamer is also one of the most overlooked: comfort. Gamers will game. Profound, I know. But the point of a statement like that is to explain that, despite their mood, clothing, or location a gamer will still play and enjoy games. Ideally, however, every gamer seeks their zen. When every avenue comes together and time stands still. A gamer can get so immersed into any game that a “quick” 15 minute session turns into a 6 hour marathon. Sumo Lounge has contributed to me reaching permanent zen by creating the Sumo Sultan.

In order to fully describe my experience with the “puffy cloud of awesome” that is the Sultan, I need to start at the beginning, the package delivery. I received a package approximately the size of a coffee table, which immediately brought on thoughts of “wow, I assumed it was MUCH bigger than this.” I He-Man lifted the overweight package into my pint-sized living room and began the process of unpackaging. I removed the box and noticed that the chair was vacuum-sealed into some plastic and accompanying it was a navy blue, corduroy cover. SNAZZY! I clipped the zip-tie holding the plastic bag closed and immediately my house was involved in what can only be described as a jet-engine. At least, that’s what it sounded like as the bean-bag began swelling. And swelling, and swelling, and swelling. By the time it was done this monstrosity stood nearly three feet tall and measured 4 ½ feet across.

My living room is only 9 feet across.

So, those skilled in advanced trigonometry realize that this chair takes up more than ½ the width of my livingroom. And I love it for that.

Have you ever discovered a computer program, iPod app, or any other convenience that makes you wonder how you ever survived without it? That’s a Sumo Lounge. I’m stuck wondering how my backside ever felt comfort before sinking into this overstuffed bag of coziness.

Comfort – 4.5

When I explain that this is an oversized “beanbag,” you can’t think it’s stuffed with the traditional beans. The hard, styrofoam pellets that flatten out over time and have no “give” to them. This is so far the opposite, I feel that calling it a beanbag is insulting. It’s filled with what feels like puffed-up cotton balls. These balls, however, don’t just collapse in on themselves. As you move and adjust your position, the chair actually “inflates” the beans not being smushed by any oversized backside. This gives much more support than any old beanbag.

Support – 3.75

This is the only complaint I have, and it’s really not even a complaint. I would like the chair to be a bit stiffer in order for me to achieve my ideal gaming position. But, with the help of one pillow I am able to get it. I can lay down with a pillow, be elevated and have my feet lower than my body. My head is propped up, and I am able to see my television with no strain on my eyes, back, or neck.

Versatility – 5.0

I mentioned the cover that accompanied the Sumo Sultan. It’s a fuzzy, micro-fibre(ish) cover that is corduroy. My color choice was navy blue, as I felt this was best for resisting noticeable stains or anything my 2 year old might spill on it. I had the option of four colors and, if you’re not a fan of corduroy, a plain microplush cover. The significance of the cover is, with a 2 year old, another on the way, and my clumsiness, I can easily strip the cover from the chair in order to get it cleaned – it’s machine washable!

Size – 5.0

If I could give this a 6, I would. This thing is enormous. Unless you have the opportunity to sit in one, you really can’t comprehend the size of this massive beanbag chair. To put this in perspective: I’m 5’10, 270 pounds. My wife is 5’4 and pregnant. My son is a monster at 3 feet tall and 40 pounds. We three can fit on this chair comfortably, plus my 70 pound chocolate lab, Brushi, AND have room for someone else. Impressively spacious, to say the least.

Overall – 6.0

Oh, to hell with the rules. This chair is deserving of a rating higher than our typical 5-point scale. The Sumo Sultan, itself, earns a 5.0 rating. The size, cost, comfort, ease of cleaning, and multitude of uses (from gaming to napping to watching movies with my wife) speaks to me in every sense.

The extra 1.0 comes from the company itself. Sumo Lounge offers TEN separate chairs ranging from the $149.00 Omni to the $399.00 Gigantor. A new product, the Titan is releasing on April 2, however no price has been announced. On top of all of that, they even offer bean bags for children, memory foam beds, and multitude of accessories.

Sumo Lounge has created a fan-for-life. They’ve proven that their products are top-notch, and their customer service has been seamless during the entire process. Be sure to check out their products at – I promise you will not be disappointed.


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