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Sumo Titan Bean Bag Review

Sumo Lounge is back with another addition to its growing line of high-end bean bags.

Sumo Lounge is back with another addition to its growing line of high-end bean bags. This time it's the Titan which gets the spotlight, and rightfully so as it delivers in quality and comfort.

As opposed to previous Sumo bean bags, the Titan is large enough to lie down on. It's roughly the size of a small sofa—only more comfortable. Having recently purchased a new sofa, I find myself regretting this decision as the Titan has monopolized my living room time while my leather sofa sits and wonders where it all went wrong. I'm sorry leather sofa. Call me when you can make me feel like I'm resting in a big nest of fluffy pillows.

I defy anyone to try the Titan and not exclaim immediate admiration for its comfortableness--it's an impossibility. Of course this level of angelic relief is going to cost you: $379 for the Microsuede version or $399 for the Corduroy version to be exact. However, you must remember this is a piece of furniture. It isn't some cheap bean bag from Wal-Mart that you'll find strewn about between the sporting goods and luggage aisles.

Overall, Sumo Lounge's Titan bean bag is highly recommended for those who have the extra cash, or those who are looking to purchase a new sofa. Why not live a little and try a Titan instead? It is incredibly comfortable and once you try it, you'll instantly want more bean bags. It's great for relaxing while watching a movie or playing your favorite video game. For more information about the Titan or Sumo Lounge's other bean bag products visit


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