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SUMO Couple Sway Offers Bean Bag Bliss

Whether you're gaming, Facebook stalking or just yelling at Netflix to update its horror film selection, you like to be comfortable. Sure you could buy an $800 couch from IKEA and be old fashioned. Or maybe it's time to revist an updated retro piece of furniture: the bean bag. Lucky for us, the kind folks at SUMO Loung share this sentiment and sent us one of their high-end models "for review."

THE SHORT VERSION: If you don't feel like reading the most hard-hitting bean bag review ever written, here's the summary: this SUMO chair (the Sumo Sway model, in our case) is the red velvet cupcake of bean bags. It might not taste as good as the frosty treat, but once you dive in, it's pure bliss.

The chair comes in a fairly large box that you can carry up a flight of stairs without having a heart attack. It's bulky, but not terribly heavy and the box makes for a great fort once unpacked.After popping it out of its plastic casing, the office staff raced to get a taste of the bean bag's offerings. Seeing as this was the couple's chair, we tried putting two people on at the same time, which in an office got a bit awkward, but in the hypothetical real world of couples, should be fantastic, especially if you enjoy snuggling.

If you're hoping to both stretch out, this probably isn't the chair for you, but if you want to, say, induce coziness with someone, this bean bag is an elegant and casual solution. Aesthetically, they come in a variety of colors and fabrics and are equipped with a cute little pocket on the side to store whatever goodies you don't want guests finding.

BACK TO COMFORT: SUMO sent us the corduroy bag, but you can also get one made of microsuede. The corduroy stays relatively cool and doesn't stick to your back like those awful nylon bean bag chairs that look like footballs. Also nice is that it's built with an upright back to keep you from completely falling into the bean bag abyss.

According to SUMO, the new design helps support your spine and back. To test this claim, I swapped out my office chair for the Sway and went to work for two hours. Sitting alone (by choice, mind you) and not as a couple (again, I chose to be alone, okay?), the bean bag offered plenty of space to rest my laptop down on and work, and after two hours I didn't want to get up. Well played, SUMO.

SUMO makes a variety of bean bags that range in size, color and style. They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you're the type that suffers from buyer's remorse. And if you work for a massive media company that publishes bean bag reviews, they just might send you a "review model" that you can hope they won't want back.

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