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The Story of Success - Sumo Lounge

Andrew Milligan inaugurated his bean bag company, Sumo Lounge, in 2004. After several underwhelming attempts to build his fledging business traditionally, the 25 year-old entrepreneur decided to radically change gears and go after his target consumers directly.

He accomplished this difficult undertaking by diligently studying relevant profiles of the top 10,000 websites on the ranking site, Alexa and sending the best matches a sample bean bag. This quasi-guerilla marketing tactic worked so well, that by the end of 2006, the company enjoyed an impressive 800% profit growth.

In the ensuing years, Sumo Lounge quickly expanded to the UK, the U.S, Australia and New Zealand and currently owns 14 factories in seven countries around the globe. Then in 2012, Mr. Milligan went on to create Sumo Retreats - a luxury, holiday property rental portal - along with his dynamic team of experienced professionals.

The inspiration for this second venture came from the entrepreneur's own travel experiences. In the course of six years, Andrew Milligan had traveled to more than 50 countries and was constantly on the lookout for accommodations that made him feel at home - with little success.

The frustration of never finding suitable stays fueled his determination to create a rental company that not only offers clients the convenience of instant online bookings, but also exceptional customer service throughout their holiday.

In the spring of 2013, following the inception of five additional sectors to the Sumo brand, Andrew Milligan decided to sell his company to a group of private investors who will continue to expand. Andrew felt that after nearly a decade, he had taken Sumo as far as was possible for profitability.

Though this decision did not come easy, he will remain as a consultant and is quite confident that the new owners will continue with the company's framework of hard work and ethics above all.


Work with Sumo: Partnerships and Franchising

As of February 2013, Sumo Lounge has been under new ownership and has adapted to the consantly changing e-Commerce industry. With many changes over the past months and new opportunities, we are offering franchise and partnership options which include full website set up, support, access to media and marketing materials as wel as rights to the brand in your selected country.

This program was launched in August 2013 and has proved to be a great success for both Sumo Lounge and the partners who can take advantage of the internationally recognised brand. We have several options available and include a professional website powered through the main domain;, complete marketing support including all relevant photos, graphics and logos, permission to use all media coverage to help market your franchise and ongoing support and advice on making your franchise a success.


  • Initial Consultation
  • Marketing Strategy Call
  • Website Set Up
  • Email Set Up
  • Graphic Design Set Up
  • Access to Marketing Materials
  • Access to Logo Files (AI/EPS)
  • Access to Press
  • Social Media Set Up
  • Ongoing Consultations
  • Tech Support
  • Graphics Assistance
  • Marketing Strategy Updates