Giant Bean Bags

Giant Bean Bags

We, at Sumo Lounge Bean bags have designed a very large range of giant bean bags that are exclusive to us. We provide you with the utmost giant bean bag luxury with our Sultan, Gigantor, Titan and Maximus. You can buy these four different styles of bean bags in three different exotic cover materialsCorduroy, Fur and Microsuede. We also offer a vast range of color options to choose from.

1. Sultan- Sultan is truly the king of lounging. It gives you king size comfort. The Sumo Sultan giant bean bag chair measures 60” by 60”by 38”. It is available in 16 different colors and come with the choice of three different cover styles Corduroy, fur and Microsuede. However, in corduroy only three color options are available and same with the fur.

2Gigantor- Sumo Gigantor bean bags are the best giant bean bags so far. It measures 6ft diameter x 3ft high and is one of our largest bean bag chairs. Gigantor is highly popular and have received rave reviews from the media and our customers.

Made with 100% Superior SumoFoam, these bean bags never gets flat and remains fluffy for life. The Gigantor is available in several highly popular color choices.

3. Titanium- Titan bean bags are another popular choice. It's size is 90" long x 48" wide x 34" high with many color options. The distinct shape makes of Sumo Titanium attractive and cozy. It is your perfect chair when you plan to watch a movie together with your loved ones. Sumo blankets make a great accessory for this product.

4. Maximus- Sumo Maximus bean bags are loved for giving huge room to relax in a stylish manner. It can accommodate six people and provide maximum relaxation. The size of Maximus bean bag is 8 ft diameter x 3ft high.

Each and every variant of bean bags chairs has one thing in common all of them come with a lifetime guarantee with high quality and comfort in mind. We offer different accessories such as neck pillows, blankets and Ottoman's to increase the level of your luxury. You can also change the cover from time to time to add zing to your interior and life.